10 shortest cricketers of all time

5 of the 10 shortest cricketers are from India and a couple of them went on to become legends defying their height issues.


Sachin Tendulkar & Ishant Sharma
Sachin Tendulkar & Ishant Sharma. (Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images)

Over the years it has been promoted that height is an added advantage in the game of cricket. Tall fast bowlers can get that extra bounce of the surface. Big batsmen can easily play the pull shots and hook shots. Even the spinners are supposed to get extra purchase of the wicket considering their height but in the end, one should remember that talent is important than the physical characteristics of a cricketer.

In the game of cricket, there are various players who have been vertically challenged. At first, they might find it difficult to hide their disadvantage but there are some individuals who have turned this drawback into their strength. Even short statured cricketers can succeed if they use their skills accordingly.

Here is the list of top 10 shortest cricketers

10. Sunil Gavaskar, India – 5.5 ft

Sunil Gavaskar & Kapil Dev
Sunil Gavaskar & Kapil Dev. (Photo Source: Twitter)

India has always been home to some of the best batsmen of the cricketing world and Sunil Gavaskar is right on top of that list. The Mumbaikar inspired a generation with his gritty and defiant batting on the cricket field. The right-hander was the first batsman to score over 10,000 runs in the classical format and he was named one of the Wisden cricketers of the year in 1980.

He was an opening batsman with sound technique and unerring concentration. In his era, he used to face the fearsome West Indies fast-bowlers without a helmet and that tells a story about his lionhearted approach towards the game. Gavaskar was equally potent with his back foot and front foot play as he used to pick the line and length of the ball quickly. He was a short-statured player with a height of 5.5 ft and this might have worked in his favour while facing the chin music.


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