5 Cricket rules that need to be changed immediately

Have you ever tried to dig deep into a rule and assess its shortcomings?


Umpire's call
Umpire’s call. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The unpredictable nature of sport always keeps throwing interesting events one after the other. Every event having a complexity of its own. And the beauty of sport lies in the fact that it possesses the ability to give rise to very rare situations that need to be handled well.

There have been various scenarios in the world of sport that have created controversy pertaining to the rules in place. The Cricket World Cup final that took place on 14th of July 2019 is the most recent example of the same. As humans, we often conveniently ignore the rare outcomes without duly preparing for them.

Have you ever tried to dig deep into a rule and assess its shortcomings? Many of us would have brushed off some rare scenarios thinking that they won’t matter much because there is no World Cup at stake. But the World Cup final truly taught us to think of every possible rule carefully and make necessary changes if needed.

Here are 5 Cricket rules that need to be reconsidered for the betterment of the game.

Team with the higher boundary count wins a tied Super Over

England. (Photo by Gareth Copley-IDI/IDI via Getty Images)

The highly entertaining 2019 World Cup final ended in a tie. The Super Over that followed also dramatically ended in a tie and the two sides just could not be separated. And hence the team that hit more boundaries won the World Cup. Can you believe it?

Imagine watching this World Cup final with a young cricket fan or a random person who hasn’t followed the game for a while. Now try explaining this rule to them. Won’t they be astounded? How can a match be awarded to some team just because they were better than the other team in just one particular department?

By considering the number of boundaries hit, isn’t the game being more inclined towards the batsman? Cricket is a contest between bat and ball and both the departments must have their own importance. The current rule which takes the number of boundaries into consideration completely ignores the effort of the bowlers.

If there is no better rule to handle this kind of a situation, then the trophy must be shared by both teams. There should not be any rule that favours only one particular department. And hence, this rule that considers the number of boundaries in case of a tie must be done away with.


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