5 International Cricketers and their WWE equivalents

The Athletes involved have a lot more in common than one would think.


Virat Kohli and Roman Reigns
Virat Kohli and Roman Reigns. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Cricket and WWE have always been two fascinating aspects of the same spectrum. I put both of them under the same category because the athletes involved, undergo massive amounts of stress, workload, and a tremendous training process. WWE wrestlers are always traveling and they hardly get any time off for their family, and so is the case with international cricketers. Although cricket is termed as the ‘Gentleman’s game’, WWE is as violent as it gets and that’s what separates these two by a fair bit of margin.

But as said before, the athletes involved have a lot more in common than one would think. Their bodies are under colossal amounts of stress and pressure and they do deliver and give our eyes a delightful treat. While WWE and cricket cannot be compared, they can certainly be related to each other for the sake of increasing the spice in the mix. Let’s have a look at five international cricketers and their WWE equivalents.

Mohammad Shahzad and Braun Strowman

Mohammad Shahzad and Braun Strowman
Mohammad Shahzad and Braun Strowman. (Photo Source: Twitter)

Both can single-handedly take down their opponents, in simple words. While Braun Strowman is associated with the fan favorite phrase, “Monster Among Men”, Shahzad treads the unflinching approach, especially with the willow in hand. Shahzad, though, bulky has shown us that he can still excel.

The way he hits those maximums are a treat to watch if you are on his side, and if you’re on the side of the opposition, you just have to stand and applaud the stupendous batting display. Strowman has a similarity with Mohammad Shahzad in having a bulky figure and taking down his opponents with ease.

While Shahzad and Strowman make their respective jobs look easy, we all know that it’s never that way and they have gained their fans’ respect and admiration, and are widely loved across the world.


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