5 IPL scenarios for teams and players in 2025

Mumbai's success and Dhoni's tips just never fade away.


2. The incredible journey of Imran Tahir – Olympic Gold medal winner in sprinting


Well, there was always supposed to be an unknown secret behind Imran Tahir and his incredible sprint celebration. The South African veteran takes off quicker than a fighter jet plane when he takes a wicket and after he announced his retirement in 2020, he decided to shift his focus to sprinting. He noticed he wasn’t able to run as quick as he did when he took a wicket, hence he was contemplating to give up.

Some days later, he received a call from MS Dhoni, who as usual gave him some life-changing “Tips”. He suggested Tahir watch videos of himself taking wickets before a sprint just to get some energy. The South African tried it and it worked brilliantly. He started clocking amazing speeds and after great hard work, he went into the Olympics in 2024.

He managed to win a rare gold medal for the Proteas at the grandiose event and credited his success to MS Dhoni. While talking to the press after the 100-meter race, he said, “Yes I did work hard, but Thala’s tips were out of this world.”


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