5 Most popular T20 leagues on social media

Every country has its own T20 league these days but these are the most popular ones.


IPL 2018 BCCI Jammu and Kashmir
IPL trophy. (Photo Source: Twitter)

In today’s digital era, social media has breached the gap between the fans and their stars. There has been a drastic increase in social media users in the past few years and today every cricketing league has their own social media page to interact with their fans. It has become a very important tool to share various updates like the schedules, ticket sales and other promotional activities.

The world of social media has no boundaries and the reach of these platforms is vast. In today’s time, the number of followers of a league on social media speaks a lot about its overall popularity. Be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram most of the cricketing leagues have their official account across all these platforms. All major updates, news and other important things are shared on these platforms on a regular basis to build excitement among the fans.

Here we bring you 5 most popular T20 leagues on social media:

5. Bangladesh Premier League (BPL)| 0.954 Million followers


Started in 2012, BPL is among one of the most popular leagues in the Indian subcontinent. Fans in Bangladesh love cricket and are very active on social media. The league has also had its own share of controversies and that seemed to have affected its brand and popularity among the fans.

The Bangladesh Premier League has got around 0.895 million followers on their official Facebook page. They also have around 0.059 million followers on their official Twitter account. They don’t have an official Instagram page yet and should look to use the growing platform to increase their social media followers. It has about 0.954 million followers on social media.


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