Aakash Chopra left dumbstruck by a hilariously unorthodox cricket shot

The batter made some bizarre moves before playing a shot.


Batsman. (Photo Source: Twitter)

With the advent of shorter formats in cricket, players have become more innovative in playing new shots. Along with the players, fans have also become used too watching some unfamiliar strokes. But, recently former cricketer turned commentator, Aakash Chopra, came out with a video of a player hitting a delivery in an awkward style that stunned everyone.

It is not known in which match the player churned out that shot but it left the netizens in awe. Fans have seen many different strokes played by the likes of Kevin Pietersen, who introduced a switch hit which looks quite similar to a baseball shot.


Later on, South Africa‘s demolishing batsman AB de Villiers, was given the tag of Mr. 360 degree as he is able to play shots in every direction of the ground and who can forget the “Dilscoop” that was developed by Sri Lanka’s former skipper Tilakaratne Dilshan.

Aakash Chopra posts a hilarious video of a batsman 

The video posted by Chopra, who is currently a commentator, went viral in a span of a few hours. In that visual when the bowler was running towards the batter for delivery, the player at the striker’s end started taking leaps and jumped all around to distract the bowler. Before the ball was bowled, the right-handed batsman was also seen rotating his hand with his willow in his hand. The point when bowler released the ball, he played a scoop in the direction of the fine-leg area which might have gone for a boundary.

Here is the video posted by Aakash Chopra

After watching the video, fans argued about the instance that if such type of activity should be allowed or not?. Many came out with the opinion that when fielders are not allowed to distract the batsman, then why a batter is allowed to distract a bowler during his run-up. Some raised a fact that bowlers are not given equal rights. There are certain rules and regulations in cricket which are needed to be followed and all the rules were defied by the batter on the strike.

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