All-time laziest XI in cricket history

Fitness was a big issue for some of these cricketers, who in a way went on to under-achieve in their careers.


Sarfaraz Ahmed
Sarfaraz Ahmed. (Photo by Andy Kearns/Getty Images)

“A game of glorious uncertainties” is how cricket is famously described. But we can also go on a little bit and say the game is also full of colourful characters, which includes both the good and bad ones. Every sports person comes in with a personality which becomes a facet of recognition for the fans.

Gentlemen like Ronaldinho, Roger Federer or Rahul Dravid have always added great value to the game with their persona, but none can disregard a fact that the likes of John McEnroe, Shane Warne, Luis Suarez, Neymar Jr. etc also add value to the game, no matter how many controversies they got into.

In the next few slides, we will look at a bunch of cricketers who were famously remembered for a specific facet, which we can bluntly call “Laziness”. Although it is not fair to give them such names by watching them on the screen for just a few hours in a week, there were certain aspects in their game which clearly showed they were a bit on the sluggish side.

1. Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle
Chris Gayle. (Photo Source: Twitter)

One of the cult legends of the game, Christopher Henry Gayle recently surpassed the immortal Brian Lara to become West Indies’ all-time highest run-scorer in ODIs. He is also the highest run-scorer in T20s and it will take a monumental effort from anyone in the current generation to overtake this record of his.

No matter how many mammoth sixes he hit and the tons of runs he accumulated, Gayle will always be remembered for his sluggish movement on the field. Although it is fun to the viewer’s eye to see him celebrate every time he stops a ball, he is also one of the least productive fielders in the team.

He makes up for it in a way not many can, but his running between the wickets and his fielding effort make us add him into this infamous list. Despite all the adversities he had with his fitness, his sheer presence in the side was enough to intimidate the opposition and that is what makes him a real superstar of the game.


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