An Australian fan gets inked after losing the Ashes bet by a whisker

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Ashes fan tattoo
Ashes fan tattoo. (Photo Source: Imgur)

Cricket is quite an unpredictable game and an Australia fan realised it the hard way. Australia might have retained the Ashes after a hard-fought five-match Test series. However, they still failed to win the series. For the first time since 1972, the Ashes was drawn level after both the teams won two games each. One of Australia’s cricket fans, who said that he’d get a tattoo of the highest-rated comment if Australia doesn’t win the series lived up to his promise.

“If Australia don’t win The Ashes series I will get a tattoo of the highest-rated comment,” he posted to Reddit on August 14. The victory in the first Test instilled enough confidence in his that he decided to bet on this outrageous tattoo. He said that he had faith in Australia to bring home the goods. Moreover, he even claimed that he was a man of his words back then.


“Call it cockiness or confidence but I have faith in the Aussies (Smith) to bring home the goods. This is not a joke, I will genuinely ink up if the Aussies lose. I am a man of my word. Keep it to a sentence or two as I’ll get it on the side of my foot. Be creative. If I’m dumb enough to get a stupid tattoo to impress a bunch of random internet people I at least want it to be a laugh. Go Aussies,” he wrote.

A promise is a promise

The man known to the world as the crazy tattoo guy lived up to his promise and actually got inked. He posted a picture of his tattoo on the platform. Also, he wrote that a promise is a promise. “A promise is a promise,” he wrote alongside a photo of a truly awful tattoo. “Australia didn’t technically “win” The Ashes series. Here is my tattoo of the highest-rated comment,” he added.

Living up to what he said earlier, he got his tattoo of the highest rated comment. While he called Stuart Broad a hero, he wrote that Jimmy Anderson is his lover. Moreover, he got an arousing response on this post with nearly 300,000 views on the image. “Stuart Broad is my hero. Jimmy Anderson, my lover,” were the words he got tattoed on his left ankle.

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