BBL 2018-19: A fist fight breaks off in the crowd during Strikers vs Stars game

While the intervention of police was helpful in stopping the altercation, one of the parties ended up with a bloody nose,


fist fight
(Photo Source: 9 News)

In the game between Adelaide Strikers and Melbourne Stars, a lot of fireworks were expected. Colin Ingram provided the same with a brilliant half-century. However, there was also a lot of noise off the field that caused the distraction. A fist fight unfolded at the stands between two men right after the Strikers registered a 41-run victory.

In a video that went viral, a spectator named Kyron Huddy recorded the incident. While the presence of the security and the intervention of police was helpful in stopping the altercation, one of the parties ended up with a bloody nose. The spectators weren’t pleased with the same owing to the presence of children at the venue.


Spectators recount their experience of the fight that broke out

“It got out of control and just ruined it for everyone. Unnecessary, unwarranted, disgusting, there were so many children around. Luckily the security guard was right there to stop it. He ended up with a bloody nose but it could have been worse. You don’t want to put yourself or your children in that situation where there might be that chance of violence.” Kyron Huddy said.

“I just think it’s terrible it’s getting to the stage where it’s not safe to come to these sort of events,” one was quoted as saying by 9 News. “It’s not pleasant and particularly when people have got their kids with them and then they decide that the normal rules of society somehow don’t apply,”

Watch the video

Overall crowd behavior at BBL games has been exemplary

The Oval’s Stadium Management Authority passed a statement with regards to the incident that took place. They stated that it was a one-off incident in the Big Bash League. The matter was now being investigated by the South Australian police. “Last night’s confrontation was an isolated incident and that overall crowd behavior at Big Bash matches has been exemplary.”

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