BCCI set to award a 100% pay hike to umpires, scorers, referees and video analysts

The changes were approved by CoA after the recommendation from Saba Karim.


Umpires team India
Umpires team India. (Photo Source: Twitter)

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has decided to increase the fee of all the umpires, scorers, referees and the video analysts ahead of the 2018 domestic season. There were discussions on the matter over the last few days and the decision has been taken after the recommendation of Saba Karim, BCCI’s General Manager for cricket operations. The Supreme Court-appointed Committee of Administrators (CoA) has also given their approval to increase the match fees of the match officials and the video analysts.

Saba Karim felt that they deserved the hike and it is only the token of appreciation for their hard work. He also went on to say that all of them have been the backbone of the domestic matches and their efforts should be acknowledged.


“I felt that the umpires, match referees, scorers and the video analysts, all have been the backbone of the domestic matches in our country and it is high time that they are acknowledged for their efforts,” he was quoted as saying by Sportskeeda.

How much is the hike?

The top 20 umpires will be getting their fee raised from Rs 20,000 to Rs 40,000 per day for all the first-class matches. As far as the T20 format is concerned, they will earn a Rs 20,000 per match which is also a 100% pay hike. While the rest will earn Rs 30,000 as compared to the Rs 15,000 for the four-day matches and Rs 15,000 for the shortest format of the game. Even the match referees, scorers, and the video analysts will have their match fees doubled for the upcoming season.

Here’s the new pay structure according to Sportskeeda:

UMPIRES (approx. 105 umpires):

Existing: Match fees (Other than T20s): Rs 20,000/day (for top 20 umpires)and Rs 10,000 (for remaining).

T20s: Rs 10,000/match (for top 20) and Rs 7500/match for the rest.

Daily allowance Rs 750/day (outstation) and Rs (local).


(Other than T20s): Rs 40,000/day for top-20 umpires and Rs 30,000/day for the rest.

For T20s: Rs 20,000/match for top 20 umpires and Rs 15,000/match for rest.

Daily allowance: Rs 1500/day for outstation and Rs 1000 for local (per day)

REFEREES (58 match referees):

Existing: Match fees other than T20s: Rs 15000/day.

Match fees (T20s): Rs 7500/match.

Daily allowance: Rs 750/day (outstation) and Rs 500/day (local).

Revised: Other than T20s match fees: Rs 30,000/day.

T20s: Rs 15,000/match.

Daily allowance: Rs 1500/day (outstation) and Rs 1000/day (local).

SCORERS (153 scorers):

Existing: Other than T20 matches: Rs 5000/day.

T20 matches: Rs 2,500/match.

Daily allowance Rs 750/day (outstation) and Rs 500/day (local).


Other than T20s: Rs 10,000/day.

T20s: Rs 5000/match.

Daily allowance: Rs 1500/day (outstation) and Rs 1000/day (local)

VIDEO ANALYSTS (129 senior analysts and 56 assistant video analysts):

Existing: Other than T20 matches: Rs 7500/day (for seniors) and Rs 3000/day for assistant VAs.

T20 matches: Rs 3750/match (senior VAs) and Rs 5000/day (for assistant VAs)

Daily allowance: Rs 1500/day (outstation) and Rs 1000/day (local)

Revised: Other than T20s: Rs 15,000/day (for senior video analysts) and Rs 10000/day (for assistant video analysts)

T20s: Rs 7500/match (senior VAs) and Rs 5000/day (Assitant VAs)

Daily allowance: Rs 1500/day (outstation) and Rs 1000/day (local)

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