Explaining the new changes in Dream11 format ahead of World Cup 2019

The changes will be applicable from May 24.


Indian team
Indian team. (Photo by Hannah Peters/Getty Images)

Most cricket fans play Fantasy Cricket these days and Dream11 is the most preferred platform for a majority. The official partner of the ICC for the Cricket World Cup 2019, Dream11 has been constantly evolving the format, rules and other things in the last few years. Ahead of the World Cup as well they’ve made several changes to the league.

It is common knowledge that this World Cup will be a batsman’s tournament since the conditions and pitches in England are batting friendly and users will want to stuff their teams with the bat wielders and add fewer bowlers in the XI. Understanding the dilemma of the players who wish to pick more than one keeper in the wicketkeeper’s category or more batsmen and all-rounders (it also applies to bowlers but well the fewer the better!) the limits have been altered.


Dream11 now allows you to pick anywhere between 1-4 wicketkeepers. There are always contests where both the keepers are equally good and you want to have them together in the line-up, now you will be able to pick both. Earlier there was a restriction of maximum 5 for the batsmen and bowlers. Now the number has been increased to 6.

In the all-rounders’ category, while you had to pick minimum one and maximum three, the upper limit has now been raised to four. The objective of these changes by Dream11 just ahead of the ICC event is to give players more flexibility while choosing their teams. The new rules will be in force starting May 24.

Current format

Credits of 100 in hand to form a team of 11

Wicketkeeper– Could pick just 1 player from the category

Batsmen– A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 players can be picked from among the batsmen

All-rounders– A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 3 players in the XI

Bowlers– A minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 players

New Dream11 format

Credits of 100 in hand to form a team of 11

Wicketkeeper- You can pick a maximum of 4 keepers (the previous limit was one)

Batsmen- Can go for a maximum of 6 players in the category (the minimum limit remains at 3)

All-rounders- Pick a maximum of 4 players in the category (the minimum limit remains at 1)

Bowlers- Need at least three and can pick up to 6 players from the category