Five Predictions for the ICC World Cup 2019

The upcoming edition of cricket's most elite tournament promises more sagas of glory, drama and trauma and the fans are already counting the calendar down.


3. Rashid Khan, Jos Buttler and Virat Kohli hogging all limelight

Jos Buttler of England
Jos Buttler of England. (Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images)

Indian skipper Virat Kohli, English dynamite Jos Buttler and young sensation Rashid Khan, have been on top of their game in the last 12 months. One very special thing about these players has been their ability to perform in the most difficult of circumstances.

Virat Kohli stormed his way through all the ICC awards and is racing towards some longstanding records set by his godfather Sachin Tendulkar. Rashid Khan has shown time and again that he’s made for big occasions and he won’t get a bigger stage to prove his worth than the World Cup.

Arguably the best finisher in the world right now, Jos Buttler has been one of the pillars of a resurgent English side, who currently is being hailed as one of the favourites to win. It would be least surprising if one of these ends up being the player of the tournament, especially Kohli and Buttler.


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