Indian owner of CPL team sent back from tournament after facing corruption charges

"We do not make comments with regard to any anti-corruption matters so will not be offering a comment here," a CPL spokesperson said.


Barbados Tridents
Barbados Tridents. (Photo by Ashley Allen – CPL T20/CPL T20 via Getty Images)

At a time when cricketing fraternity is witnessing a lot of match-fixing scandals, another case has emerged where an Indian is involved in the act. Tamil Nadu Premier League and Karnataka Premier League are already suffering from the wrath of match-fixing scandals. Furthermore, an Indian owner of a Caribbean Premier League (CPL) team has come under the radar of Anti-Corruption Unit scanner. The news has come shortly after top domestic players playing in the Karnataka Premier League– CM Gautam and Abrar Kazi were arrested in the scandal.

It has also been revealed that the owner, who was a relative newcomer to the ownership group has been sent back from the tournament. According to a report in Bangalore Mirror, the owner who hails from South India was abruptly sent back from the tournament when an incident of approach was reported to the Anti-Corruption Unit in the initial stages of the tournament. The report also revealed that a player from Pakistan was approached by the owner. However, the player followed the protocol and reported the matter to the Anti-Corruption Unit.


The CPL has decided to curtail the matter as the Anti-Corruption Unit continues its investigation.  The CPL also has refused to offer a comment on the issue apart from giving a statement. “We do not make comments with regard to any anti-corruption matters so will not be offering a comment here. For background and for your information, the CPL works very closely with the ICC and our own anti-corruption team and all reports from players and officials are investigated thoroughly,” a CPL spokesperson was quoted by the news organization.

Shahrukh Khan is the owner of Trinbago Knight Riders

A number of Indians are a prominent part of the CPL teams with Shah Rukh Khan being one of the most well-known names. Shah Rukh is the owner of Trinbago Knight Riders. Apart from him, Vijay Mallya was also associated with the Barbados Tridents before he was replaced as the owner this year.

CPL consists of six teams Trinidad, Guyana, Barbados, Jamaica, St Kitts and St Lucia competing for the title. The seventh edition of the league was played this year where Barbados Tridents clinched the title by defeating Guyana Amazon Warriors in the final.