Indian team management angered by politics over yo-yo test

The tussle between the CoA and the members of the BCCI is seeming to take an ugly turn.


A view of logo of the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). (Photo by Aniruddha Chowhdury/Mint via Getty Images)

The much-debated yo-yo test has been doing the rounds in Indian cricket presently. Recently, a number of players including the likes of Mohammed Shami, Sanju Samson couldn’t breach the qualification criteria of 16.1 out of 25 owing to which they were left out of their respective squads. Rohit Sharma was the latest player to undergo the exam, which he cleared without any hiccup.

In a recent development, Rahul Johri, the CEO of the Board of Control for Cricket in India has called upon Saba Karim to discuss the viability of the test compulsorily conducted on all the players over the past one year. In an email, Johri has asked the operations team to draft a response to Anirudh Chaudhry’s mail to the Committee of Administrators (CoA) pertaining to clarifications on the parameters of the test.


For the time being, the tussle between the CoA and the members of the BCCI is seeming to take an ugly turn as the team management recently lashed out at Karim, who is the board’s general manager, for not unveiling the truth and rather disclosing important information from the dressing room. The former Indian wicketkeeper-batsman was also slammed for his taking to undesired methods.

“Why play politics”- management

“Individuals who have nothing to do with cricket are busy interfering in team affairs. Saba Karim is not telling the entire truth. His remit is to stick to domestic cricket and women’s cricket, not the Indian men’s team.

Instead, Karim is busy leaking stories to the media about what happens in the dressing room. For starters, he needs to confirm if his KRA involves interfering in Team India affairs?” the team management was quoted as saying by The Times of India (TOI).

“The idea of Yo-Yo tests is not an overnight thing. It’s been designed keeping all relevant officials in the loop. It’s not a one-off either. If there are ideas from former cricketers to improve upon it, then fine. But why politicize the whole thing?

If there are any questions that need to be asked, let them be with skipper Virat Kohli. Why play politics when the team is not here and is away on an important tour?” he added.

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