Top five worst women’s bloopers in cricket history (Videos)

Some of the moments captured by these cameramen will remain iconic for a long time to come.


Cricket bloopers
(Photo Source: YouTube)

Ever since the number of cameras used to cover a cricket game has increased, the focus of these cameramen has not completely been on game. They try to capture some other different shots which symbolize the beauty of the sport or gives us a moment or two to smile about.

In the last few years, we have seen a lot of people going viral on social media after getting spotted once on television by one of these cameramen. From the RCB girl at the Chinnaswamy stadium to the ever-young Chaarulata ji who came out to support the Indian side during the World Cup, these cameramen have caught some iconic moments.

Keeping all those heart-warming moments aside, here are five women’s bloopers caught on camera during cricket matches which will definitely bring a smile on your face.

1. Using the “F” word

Women's bloopers in cricket
(Photo Source: YouTube)

It was a Test match going on in South Africa and one of these cameramen kept focusing on one lady sitting in the stands. The lady wearing a black top, who noticed herself on the giant screen, looked straight into the camera which was on her and used the F word.

While the commentators didn’t notice it much, the broadcasting team ensured that the incident was noticed by the fans. They replayed the same on the big screen in slow motion, where she clearly was mouthing the F word. After that, she continued sipping her beer and kept enjoying the game with her company.


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